During this twenty years period (1991-2011) more than 14000 marine samples (both fauna and flora) were screened for wide spectrum of bioactivity against cancer, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, TB, viral infections, as well as against dyslipidemia and diabetes and successful breakthrough have been achieved in respect of two marine products (CDR-134F194 and CDR- 267F018 ) and they are in different stages of development.

  1. CDR-134-D123 (Anti-diabetic): Phase- I (consisting of both single dose and multiple doses) clinical trial was completed successfully on 36 volunteers and a dossier has been compiled and submitted to the department of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH). It has since been licensed to TVC Sky Shop Limited for fast track marketing through AYUSH.

  2. CDR-134-F194 (Aanti-hyperlipidemic): It has since been licensed to TVC Sky Shop Limited . Permission for Phase I clinical trials has been obtained and the phase I clinical trials will be initiated.

  3. CDR- 267F018: An anti-dyslipidemic standardized fraction on which most of the work has been completed and the IND filing will soon be made